Our purpose

Deviceful’s primary aim is to support brands, agencies and media owners engineer creative suitable for cross-device programmatic deployment. By partnering with the leading Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) providers, it is our mission to produce creative capable of harnessing the rich data available through real-time and impression level buying. With a growing team of London based HTML5 creative strategists, Deviceful is at the fore-front of helping marketers bring their digital campaigns to life.

Going native: – With huge advances in audience targeting, brands are now able to have one-to-one dialogue with their audience across multiple devices. Unfortunately, many marketers are still deploying creative assets designed for one-to-many communications. As more campaigns go native, the need for customisable creative will  become even more relevant and this is a service area we are already investing in for our clients.


Who we are

Marcus Harding has worked in the advertising industry since graduating in 2000 with an honours degree in Archaeology. Initially gaining experience within outdoor advertising (Exterion Media) he made a move into the digital media industry while working at AOL in 2006. Since then he went on to start the UK operations of a US digital media business (Theorem) taking them from zero revenues to over a $5m turnover business within 4 years. In 2015 after having successfully managed Theorem for 7 years, he moved on to found a creative company called Deviceful and continues to successfully grow revenues and market share for them within the field of dynamic creative design and production.

During this period Marcus has also acted as an independent consultant and works as a non-executive for several other digital media companies including Traffic Rich and Tablet Media.

Rob Sumovskij started designing graphics since first laying hands on a computer and hasn’t left the desk since. Attaining a multitude of digital skills over the past 12 years via a combination of formal and self-education along with several years of freelance work. After entering the advertising industry in 2012, he understood the potential of well-crafted ad experiences in the digital ad space which was saturated with mediocre creative.

After working for a handful of ad networks, Rob wanted to provide a speedy, no-fuss and quality solution with a personal approach to brands and agencies who just didn’t have the time nor resource to think about digital creative. Co-founding Deviceful was a natural step which promised to fill this gap and offer clients a helping hand in the complex world of digital advertising.



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